Links  (updated April 15, 2017)

Here are some Web sites I like to visit :

- Are you interested in cooking, restoring old dolls, etc. Have a look at the blog of my wife Jacqueline (in French):

- This is the site of my oldest son Lionel. You'll find there some scientific and technical topics, as well as some more uncommon subjects : writing novels, drawings, ray-tracing, etc.
and if you are fond of movies (comments in French) :

- A new blog of my younger son Joël : he presents there several topics (photos, comments about novels, etc...) in his "Joel's Attic blog" (in French) :

- A 'must be read' for the homebrewer is the site of Wes Hayward  W7ZOI :

- This one is from PA3KCR, filled with a lot of  technical information :

- If you are in the homemade receiver game, have a look at PA3AKE page :

- From the HP tube oscillator  to  PIC circuits with K8ZOA :